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I loved seeing this in person at the art show tonight. Great job buddy!
- Jennifer (Mother) on May 15, 2024
Those look like some tasty tacos! :-)
- Jennifer (Mother) on May 15, 2024
Love the colors! Nice job.
- Jennifer (Mother) on May 14, 2024
- Miss Nikki on June 21, 2023
Love it- so beautiful! Great work Derek! :)
- Miss Nikki on June 21, 2023
Wow great snow globe Derek!
- Dad on May 17, 2023
Great pumpkins! You should draw yours this Halloween!
- Dad on February 22, 2023
Love the picture! Awesome mohawk and Yankee shirt Bubba!
- Joseph (Father) on February 6, 2023
Nice work Derek! Grampy will love this one.
- Mom on February 6, 2023