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Beautiful Lily!!! I love the painting with wool....Papy would have sooooo appreciated this as he worked with wool and designing fabrics all his life! Love You!!!! Grammy
- Paula Homes on May 3, 2023
Hi Lili, I really like this new pic a lot...I love the soft colors and the curving lines... Looking forward to seeing you soon! Love, Grammy
- Paula (Grammy) on February 1, 2023
Very impressive!!!!
- Amanda (Mother) on March 18, 2022
This is amazing Lily!!
- Paula on March 18, 2022
Lily This is really terrific!! Amazing! I love it!!! I love you!!
- Paula on November 17, 2021
Wow! This is awesome. I really love it! You are a fantastic artist :)
- Amanda on November 10, 2021
Very nice! I love the colors and how the background is blended.
- Amanda (Mother) on September 16, 2021
I love this!
- Amanda (Mother) on May 12, 2021
Very cool! Love the shadowing and how the shading creates the round shape.
- Amanda on April 14, 2021
Loving the chance to see all your work, Lili, I am especially loving this one....for it is so very true! Grammy
- Paula(fan) on February 10, 2021
Looks delicious!
- Amanda (Mother) on February 9, 2021
Love it!!!
- Amanda (Mother) on January 27, 2021