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These shapes are interesting and I love the color! Would like to learn more about the process for this piece.
- Nicole (Mother) on February 14, 2023
This leaf is lovely. It reminds me of the tropics, my favorite environment. Would love to frame this for my office!
- Nicole (Mother) on February 9, 2023
I love this little garden. It makes me look forward to spring!
- Nicole (Mother) on February 9, 2023
Experimenting with dots is a wonderful introduction to Australian Aboriginal art. I hope this sparks more interest in this beautiful and complex art form, Kailani. Nice job!
- Nicole (Mother) on February 1, 2023
Beautiful work!
- Alex on February 1, 2023
I love your choice of the humuhumunukunukuapua'a, the state fish of Hawai'i. With our roots on the Big Island and your interest in marine biology, your commentary about the concerns of plastic pollution in the Pacific Ocean through the beauty of the humuhumu reminds us what we are fighting for when we focus our energy on climate protection. Cheers on a thoughtful piece!
- Nicole (Mother) on January 31, 2023
Wow, this is beautiful work. I am impressed by the textures, color and creativity in this piece. Amazing job, Kailani.
- Nicole on November 30, 2022
Great work on the piece and the artist statement!
- Alex on October 26, 2022
I love the complexity of your recent piece, Kailani.The story, the artfulness. Seeing you work so hard on these pieces at home, and your evolution as an artist is such a pleasure to watch. Keep expressing yourself, I can’t wait to see what unfolds. Xo
- Nicole (Mother) on October 20, 2022
This drawing brought me a lot of joy with its whimsical nature! Keep creating, Kailani. Xo
- Nicole (Mother) on September 21, 2022
I’m impressed by Kailani’s acknowledgment of her struggle with this project and her persistence in completing it. I really like the architectural perspective and details in this piece. Great job, Kailani!
- Nicole (Mother) on May 30, 2022
I love the creativity of this piece! I'm excited to see Kailani's growth as an artist this year. Best, Nicole
- Nicole (Mother) on May 10, 2022
Nice use of varied shades of color!
- Alex on April 6, 2022
- Nicole (Mother) on March 1, 2022
I love the use of mixed media and the contrast in colors. Beautiful work!
- Nicole (Mother) on February 28, 2022
We enjoy seeing Kailani's artwork! Keep your creative energy flowing :-)
- Nicole (Mother) on January 26, 2022
This is very cool! I love the expressive eye :-)
- Nicole (Mother) on September 28, 2021
I love your symmetrical rendering!
- Nicole on February 27, 2022