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Hey Bray I like you're artwork. It's Awesome! love, pop,pop
- Poppop on April 10, 2024
hey, brayden that looks cool. I like it! I am looking forward to seeing your next artwork! Love, Poppop
- Poppop on December 1, 2021
Great job! Love all the colors.
- Mommom on December 1, 2021
I love your rabbit that you drew!!! He made me smile with those cute whiskers and ears!
- Mommom on June 2, 2021
I love this spring time bunny! Great job Brayden.
- Sashie on June 2, 2021
Brayden you are one fantastic artist!!! Great job dude!!!! Love u!!!!
- Uncle Dave on April 14, 2021
Whoooo, whooo drew that?! Brayden awesome detail in your artwork!!!! Keep up the hard work!!! Love you buddy!!!
- Uncle Dave on April 14, 2021
Love this
- Marianne (Mother) on February 14, 2021
hey, Brayden. Its the right time of the year for making snowmen. Your artwork of a snowman is awesome. When i look at it I start to feel cold. I think i will go get some hot chocolate to get warm. Great job!
- Poppop on February 28, 2021
- POPPOP on June 7, 2020
Now this is what you call a wildflower!!! Very pretty and unique
- Uncle Dave on June 4, 2020
Very nice!!! Might need you to come make a garden for me!!!!
- Uncle Dave on June 4, 2020
Another amazing snail from Brayden!!! Awesome sauce!!!!
- Uncle Dave on June 4, 2020 love making snails!!! Super cool bro!!!
- Uncle Dave on June 4, 2020
Makes me what to be at the beach with all of you!! Or makes me want a blue raspberry slushy
- Uncle Dave on June 4, 2020
Are the dinosaurs making a comeback?! Very realistic!!!!
- Uncle Dave on June 4, 2020
So cool!!! You will have to show me how you made this one!!! Technic is awesome!!!
- Uncle Dave on June 4, 2020
Looks like the movie I Robot!!! What an awesome robot!!!
- Uncle Dave on June 4, 2020
The little frogs would love these lily pads!! Keep the artwork coming dude!!!!
- Uncle Dave on June 4, 2020
Great job with shapes!! Love this.
- Marianne (Mother) on June 2, 2020
I really like your artwork you are doing great love poppop
- poppop on June 2, 2020
Brayden, this one reminds me of mom mom’s table at Christmas with all her decorations out!!! Great job!!!
- Uncle Dave on June 1, 2020
Brayden, awesome job on your artwork!!! Becoming quite the artist!!! Keep up the hard work! Love uncle Dave!!!
- Uncle Dave on May 28, 2020
I love pumpkins great job!
- Don on May 20, 2020
Brayden, I love your artwork! Keep up the great work! I can tell you’re working hard.
- Sashie on May 19, 2020