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contrast makes a point ! So does perspective ! Sure you don't want to be a pro ?? Keep it up Zoe and enjoy life. Bappa
- Phil on January 15, 2020
Great job Zoe! I really like this piece and love the perspective! Nicely done!
- Mara (Mother) on January 14, 2020
HI Zoe ... seems you are learning things I have only tried to do with the camera lens. Interesting pictures but are dark a little too much?? I like the composition of this but I wonder why you framed it as you did?? Peace & Keep going Bappa
- Phil on January 15, 2020
You've got it all !! Great insight! Contrasting textures. Contrasting colors. Contrasting shapes.Contrasting elements. Contrasting sizes. Contrasting ... !!! Beautiful and well done. You have the eye of an artist. Keep exploring!
- Philip on October 23, 2019
Hey Zoester - great imagination! Who knew lifting a skateboard up by it's tail could mean " Foreshortening" ?? You are fabulous!
- Philip on October 23, 2019
This surprised me ! Too bad you didn't have a UV filter to darken the sky so you could open the aperture or change the shutter speed to lighten the scene a bit more. Great angle though as the clock is readable even at such a low angle which highlights the tallness of the clock. You even used the clouds to focus attention on that feature. Great job! And it appears you tried to use the rule of thirds in composing the shot. Wow !!
- Philip on October 16, 2019
Great perspective as moving the focus to the right would make teh left too bright and lose the importance of the perspective using the pathway. Move the focus left and it darkens the view too much, losing detail and darkening the scene too much. Keeping the distance allows the use of the sky to highlight the arch. Good thinking ! Good camera work. Now think of pictures to capture to use in publishing your book, The Colorful Sun. Borrow my camera anytime :-)
- Philip on October 16, 2019
That's beautiful Zoe!! I love it! You did a great job!!
- Mara (Mother) on October 5, 2019