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- Sandra on November 15, 2023
I like all of your drawings but these happy critters are special. I especially like your choice of colors and the expressions on their faces. Very nice!
- Grandma Roberta on February 12, 2020
I love this happy penguin! Dancing in the snow with the colored lights in the sky. Very nice!
- Grandma Roberta on January 15, 2020
Good Job Carolyn! You are a great artist and getting better and better everyday! Keep up the good work (:
- Danny on October 23, 2019
Carolyn, This a a great line portrait! I love the colors too it really makes things stand out. You’re awesome, keep up the good work!
- Danny on October 9, 2019
Wow this is really good Carolyn! You are an artist! Keep up the good work.
- on September 25, 2019