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your art is amazing
-- lizzie
- on September 24, 2015
Those lil' snow owls are SUPER CUTE!
-- Mel
- on December 12, 2010
WOW exquisic piece, you did a fantastic job!
-- AnonomousViewer
- on August 25, 2010
wow!!! thats really good!
- on December 24, 2008
awww thats awesome
- on November 19, 2008
this is to mrs, p im a sad 6th grader i love this picture and im sad a had to leave such a great art teacher
- on September 21, 2008
Denise -- I love it!!!!!!!!! that's all I just love it!! Addie
- on May 8, 2008
mrs.p u are the greatest ever u inspired me to try hard. and since nate passed i spend every second with my brother and sister. well g2g god bless you
- on February 13, 2008
Mrs.Pannel I am very sorry about Nate. When Mrs.Hill told us about Him I was very upset even though I didn't know him that well.You,Nick and John are handiling this well expesially Nick. What you did is nice and I am sure Nate appriciates it
- on May 26, 2007
You should make cards and sell them at the school store. I would buy them they are great! KatieR6's mom
- on January 7, 2007
Mrs. P This is very beautiful! God Bless You! The Keesbury's
- on January 7, 2007
MrsP, I am an inspired fan of your work with students. I followed Judy Decker's link on the ArtEd listserve and found your page. Your work is awesome!! Thanks for sharing!! Mary in MN
- on January 5, 2007
nice art work your the best art teacher
- on December 20, 2006