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I’m hoping I was your inspiration for this one Landon?!?;) It’s beautiful!
- Jennifer (Mother) on February 25, 2023
Landon, this is so creative, so detailed, and so colorful! I love it:)
- Jennifer (Mother) on February 7, 2023
Landon, you are such an amazing artist! Love, Mommy:)
- Mommy on June 2, 2021
Landon I LOVE this!!! What a gorgeous sea horse:)
- Jennifer (Mother) on March 30, 2021
I love this Landon! It’s so festive for fall:)
- Jennifer (Mother) on November 2, 2019
Oooooh, scary!
- Jennifer (Mother) on October 9, 2019
Landon, I love this picture! It’s so bright and colorful!!! And it has fish and you know how much Mommy loves animals:) Great job buddy!
- Jennifer (Mother) on October 9, 2019