Renaethessteacher1's Awards & Activities
This page highlights Renaethessteacher1's online activities on the Artsonia website, representing their involvement in the arts program.
Activity (overall)
1 artwork 2 awards
6 fans 4 comments
72 visitors
Awards & Honors (July 2006 – June 2007)
Portfolio Award
(not yet earned)
Earned by publishing five or more artwork this year.
1 artwork this year
Popular Artist
(awarded on 3/27/2007)
Published one artwork this year and five or more fanclub members.
6 fans this year!
Rave Reviews
(awarded on 4/18/2007)
Earned for receiving five or more comments this year.
5 comments this year!
Hall of Fame
(not yet earned)
Earned by receiving all three ribbon awards this year.