Remote Learning using Artsonia

This page provides a number of tips on how teachers can use Artsonia to engage in remote-learning with your students. You can also use these ideas as supplemental activities or extra credit for at-home work.
Remote Learning Tip #1: Use Class Portal
Class Portal is not just for use at school ... students can also submit artwork FROM HOME!
If you are not familiar with Class Portal, students can use the Artsonia mobile app on iPads or other devices (or just browse to to photograph their own artwork, make edits and enter artist statements - all on their own! They just need your school's 8-character access code or the printed QR code to get started. As students submit entries, you will be notified to review them before they are published in your school gallery. You can make your own corrections to the image, title and artist statement - or you can send it back to the student for corrections.
NEW: New students who use Class Portal for the first time can enter their own names after they login, and they will automatically be added to your roster. You no longer are required to upload a student roster ahead of time (although you still can if you wish).
Remote Learning Tip #2: Communicating with Parents
Communication is key! We have two ways in which you can communicate how to use Class Portal to parents. First, you can send a special one-sheet letter to parents that describes how to setup Class Portal at home for their child, including their access code. Second, you can use our Art Room Newsletter feature to send home email blasts to all registered parents.
Remote Learning Tip #3: Project Instructions
You can create projects that your students can submit artwork to using Class Portal. Each project can include written instructions (or even a video) that your students can review in Class Portal before working on the project. You can also aid them in entering artist statements by providing prompting questions. To review or change settings on existing projects, just select one from My Projects then click the "edit setup" option. Watch the Teacher and Student tutorial videos above for full details.
TIP: You can now enter written instructions or attach a video to each project. Students watch these in Class Portal before starting their work.
Remote Learning Tip #4: At-Home Ideas & Activities
Artsonia has several resources to help you with ideas for projects. In addition to our extensive gallery of teacher-submitted full Lesson Plans, we have also just added a brand new Project Ideas gallery that contains short video tutorials for simple projects that students can do at-home with relatively common household art supplies. You can even copy one of these new ideas into your own project.
TIP: Browse the new Project Ideas gallery for simple, video-guided projects your students can do at-home.
Remote Learning Tip #5: Announcements
You can also enter "announcements" or general instructions to students that they will see when they login to the Class Portal. Announcements are specific to each grade you teach. This is a great way for students to login and see what their assignments are for the day or week.
Remote Learning Tip #6: Feedback
As you review entries your students submit through the Class Portal, you can also write "feedback" that they can view the next time they login. Registered parents will also be notified and can view your feedback for their children.
Remote Learning Tip #7: Connecting Parents
Once your students have artwork in their online portfolios, it is important that you connect with parents so they can register and create accounts. This opens up additional features such as showing artwork on the public gallery, reviewing comments and feedback, adding family and friends as "fans" so they can be notified of new artwork, and more!

Follow the link below to review all the ways you can get parents connected to your students!