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Your students can submit their own artwork and artist statements using an iOS/Android device (or any computer) at school. It provides a rich way to integrate technology into your art room, and also saves you time by allowing students to assist you in uploading artwork! It's a win-win for everyone!
How the Process Works:
Step 1 - Setup Student Roster and Projects
If you haven't already done so, create a student roster and create projects that students will submit their entries to.
Step 2 - Get Parent Permission
Parents must give permission online or through a signed slip before their child can use Classroom Mode.
Step 3 - Students login to the "Artsonia Classroom" app
Students photograph and upload their own artwork. They can also edit the images prior to submission as well as enter optional titles and artist statements.
Students can use the Artsonia App on iOS/Android devices to submit entries. Alternatively, they can use any tablet or computer by browsing to
Step 4 - You review student entries
As students submit entries, you will be notified to review them before they are published in your school gallery. You can make your own corrections to the image, title and artist statement - or you can send it back to the student for corrections.
Now watch some tutorial videos on how the process works:
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