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Dryden's Art Program Year in Review 2010-2011

A video slideshow from Dryden Elementary (posted on September 1, 2011)
The school year was full of amazing accomplishments for my Dryden Artists including: a IAEA student art show winner (one of only 40 in the state) art chosen for the IAEA Youth Art Month Poster (1 of about a dozen pieces chosen in state) We painted on iPads Explored art with interactive technology Created digital portfolios Won an Artsonia Leadership award and artist of the week 10 students' art shown on a 30 foot screen in NYC Students made origami cranes to raise money for rebuilding Japan Dryden's art program and images featured in a textbook The Glue Blues video screened at the Chicago Int'l Children's Film Fest I AM ART won a Shortie Award Let's Be Green was a finalist in the National Geographic Contest And we put together the most beautiful tile wall of student art (past and present) to commemorate 20 years of art ed at Dryden. Learn about all these things and my BIG NEWs on the Fugleblog:
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