News from your child's school art room
October 6, 2012
"Fall" into ART at SCIS
from Ms. Kincaid, Art Educator
The art room at Space Center is off to a soaring start to the new year!
Students in all grades have been busy learning and creating. We held our first school wide Pinwheels for Peace event on the front lawn on Septemeber 21, 2012. Over 1200 pinwheels were decorated by the SCIS student body then turned into pinwheels by the 1st-4th period classes. By lunch the pinwheel display was spinning in the breeze and getting attention from all who passed by on Saturn. The pinwheel project was started by two art teachers in Florida over ten years ago and serves to make an art installation by kids to draw attention to students hopes and dreams of peace in our school, community and world on the International Day of Peace. If you missed our art installation no fear because we have an Animoto video of the event posted on our Artsonia gallery.

Our next big adventure will last all year long! Students will be trading Artist Trading Cards with students from different schools. I have invited other teachers to submit their students work and already have over 23 schools that are sending their art cards our way! Our students will be sending their art work off aroung the country and will get to collect art from students around North America!
The first cards started arriving last week and we are all enjoying looking through the artistic expression of other students. I will upload our cards into online portfolios before they head off on their journey. A few have already been created and are up on Artsonia for you to see. If you know someone from another state or abroad who would like to participate direct them to our Artist Trading Card Exchange. ( )

I do want to let you all know that there are a few art contests available for students outside of classprojects that are currently underway. I have listed contest information on my website :
Just click on the Contest/Shows tab and you will find information about the PTA Reflections art contest "Magic of a Moment"  and a Space themed Contest! I have two more art contests that will be added soon. The site will update throughout the year when new opportunities for artists are found.

Our student Artsonia Gallery is starting to grow! Students are all starting to finish their projects and I hope within the week every student will have work in their online portfolio! Please take a few moments and look through our gallery. We have already had over a 1,150 visitors to our gallery. Thank you to those who have taken the time to join your favorite artist's fan club and make encouraging comments on their work.  Also, I have noticed a few people have found that artsonia does offer a gift shop of items with your student's art work. I know you will find the products to be quality and the best part is you will be giving back to the art department! 20% of every purchase will go directly back to the art department to purchase art supplies for SCIS students.

All classes have really been doing a GREAT job in the art room and here are a few of the things we are learning:

Intro to Art:
  • Learning about the color wheel
  • Learning how to mix tints and shades
  • Creating an image showcasing the grey scale and their tints and shades
  • Creating a monochromatic painting
  • Learning to shade forms
  • Creating a piece of OP Art
2D/3D Art:
  • Learning about contour line, blind contour and continuous line drawings
  • Drawing from direct observation
  • Drawing with a grid to create a piece of artwork
  • Creating a collage with found colors from magazine sources
  • Creating a watercolor painting with a variety of techniques
PreAP Art:
  • Pushing our creativity with a variety of drawing challenges
  • Drawing from direct observation and still life
  • Learning to use prisma color pencils to capture colors and shadows
  • Creating a watercolor painting with a variety of techniques
  • Learning to write artist statements
  • Creating art with a visual voice in the form of Artist Trading Cards
Have a great fall and keep checking in with our class site and our gallery for our Art News.

Thank you for letting me teach your wonderfully artistic students at Space Center!
Holly Bess Kincaid, NBCT Art Lady
Artsonia is the largest student art museum in the world! Our dream is that every young artist will have an online art gallery, preserving their masterpieces in a digital portfolio!