Art Room Newsletter: October 26, 2012

News & announcements from your child's school art room. October 26, 2012
What is happening in the art room?
from Mrs. Karen Griffith
Today, Friday October 26, I sent home the "Snap My Art" paper with the 4 circle art pieces your child did. The special fundraiser runs unitl Nov. 28, however you can find your child's art in the school gallery under snap my art so if you decide at Easter you want one it will be in your child's gallery for later orders. 

Students have been working on the visual elements of art : line, color, shape, texture, value and form. Some classes have touched on a few of the principles of art: balance, contrast, emphasis, movement, pattern, rhythm, and unity.  During the month of November the K-5 students will be starting sketchbooks learning about the vocabulary in art.  The 6-8 grade students will be creating thumbnail sketchbooks. 
Artsonia is the largest student art museum in the world! Our dream is that every young artist will have an online art gallery, preserving their masterpieces in a digital portfolio!