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June 1, 2019
Dryden's Art Program-3rd Trimester News
from Mrs. Fuglestad
It’s official, we have an award-winning art gallery on Artsonia! 
Our Artsonia Galley won an Award! Dryden was one of 15 galleries nominated by art teachers across the country that they found the most inspiring. I started a moment on twitter where teachers have shared how our students’ art has inspired their students to explore new projects and techniques. Check it out here.
Visits our Artsonia Gallery here: Artsonia School » Dryden Elementary

Both Do the Dryden Dos and Undo screened at the Screen Test Jr film festival in Schaumburg. They tied for BEST of SHOW! Congratulations!  Screen Test Jr 2019
Also, we had some fun news about Fugleflicks screening in film festivals in faraway places including Baltimore, MD, India, and the Global Student Voice Film Festival in Philadelphia, PA (which some families will attend). 
Fugleflicks at Film Festivals

Thank you so much for all those that contributed to my PD project to attend the NAEA conference to share our Dryden art program ideas with art teachers across the country. Here is my blog about the things I learned and shared on my trip to Boston #NAEA19 in Boston
Our project to obtain 3Doodlers for the art room was fully funded too! Thank you for your support. Here is a post about our trial use of these 3Doodlers: Tactile Illustrations with 3Doodlers 
I’m going to plan a full-scale lesson for next year.

Congratulations to the 125 students with art on display at the reception and throughout the month at the AHML district-wide art show. We had 60 pieces of 2-D art on two display boards many of which were Transdigital (experienced physically and digitally). I really enjoyed seeing all the students scanning the QR codes at the reception to explore the digital aspects of the artwork. We also had movies looping on iPads, Fugleflicks during the reception, a UV painted cityscape on display with a black light flashlight, and the 5th-grade collaborative value paintings. 
See my post here: AHML Art Show & Transdigital Display

Fun Facts: Abby G. in 4-3 was asked to interview me and Dryden artists about the art show. View the interviews here and here.  Sonny in 1-1 was also interviewed by the district. View his video here.

I was invited to contribute to an educational textbook called, Exploring Digital Technologies for Art-Based Special Education, Models and Methods for the Inclusive K-12 Classroom.

I wrote Chapter 4: The Educational Implications of Godzilla, Ghosts, and Aliens: Using iPad Animation to Extend Learning Digitally and Expand the Curriculum. Learn more here: The Educational Implications of Godzilla

Congratulations to David and Nell in 5th grade. Their digital art here and here was professionally printed and sent to the Illinois State Board of Education offices for permanent display.
Framed Art for 2019-20
Congratulations to the 8 students with art on display at the Administration Building all year long!
Congratulations to the 11 students with art on display in Dryden’s teacher’s lounge and office area!

Just for Kindergarten

Artsonia Art Gallery - Kindergarten Self Portraits
Students learned how to measure and place the features of their face and how to mix the primary colors and white to make skin color as they created their self-portraits.

Artsonia Art Gallery - Wear-a-Bows
Students created symmetrical bows to wear for the Kindergarten Musical. They were covered with colorful symmetrical patterns as expressed in the art related song they plan to sing, The Kindergarten Song. 

Artsonia Art Gallery - Kindergarten Still Life
Kindergarteners created a still life of flowers in a vase with sponge painting, color balance, and pattern. Notice how they made the vase 3-D with curved lines at the top and bottom.

Just for Grade 1

Artsonia Art Gallery - Expressive Robots with Animated Symbols
1st graders made an expressive robot after looking at the artwork of Rembrandt. Then chose a symbol that matched the expression. This transdigital art lesson combines their drawing and their flipbook style symbol animation.
Learn more here:
View the class movies of animated robots with student voiceover:

Artsonia Art Gallery - Landscapes of Shapes
First graders created a landscape by drawing shapes. These shapes became foreground, middle ground, and background objects. Then they used the primary and secondary colors to paint them (along with brown and white). Over the dry paint students used opaque paint markers to add bricks, shingles, spokes, waves in the water, and streaks of sunshine in the sky.

Just for Grade 2

Artsonia Art Gallery - Self-Portrait Painting
2nd Graders worked on measuring and mapping out the face to draw their self-portrait in proportion. Then they carefully painted it.
Learn more here:

Artsonia Art Gallery - ChatterPix Group Poems
Students spoke a segment of a poem through their self-portrait painting to make these collaborative movies reciting poetry.
We used a digital image of their art and the Chatterpix app on our art room iPads.
See 2-1's poem of Shel Silverstein, Invitation using their artwork:
See 2-2's poem from Dr. Seuss' Oh the Places You'll Go using their artwork:
See 2MA's poem from D. Florian called Fans using their voice and art:
See EL Teacher Swap Video:

Artsonia Art Gallery - Ink Blot Creatures
Students are transforming their blots of paint into creative creatures to help them think out of the box. See this post:

Just for Grade 3

Artsonia Art Gallery - Lorax-ify Yourself
This is a warm-up activity for their Dr. Seuss inspired project.

Artsonia Art Gallery - Lorax Painting
3rd graders used observational drawing and sketching techniques to recreate Dr. Seuss' Lorax character.

Artsonia Art Gallery - The Lorax Speaks for the Earth
Third graders spoke a part of this poem through their Lorax paintings to make a collaborative earth day movie.
3-1 class movie:
3-2 class movie:
3-3 class movie:
3-4 Made a Graphic Design Artsonia Art Gallery - Lorax Inspired Graphic Designs

Artsonia Art Gallery - Stop-Motion Animation Challenge
Students worked collaboratively to make monsters dance through the magic of stop-motion animation. See the post with all the class movies and behind the scene photos:


Just for Grade 4

Students spent a few weeks preparing for the field trip to the Art Institute of Chicago with a series of fun games that helped them become familiar with their permanent collection of art.
View my post about their trip here: Art Institute Field Trip 2019

Artsonia Art Gallery - American Gothic Spoof Painting
4th graders created a new story for the American Gothic painting by making the portrait of Grant Wood's 1930 portrait into a spoof. Learn more:

Artsonia Art Gallery - Pop Art Illustrations
Students drew an illustration while listening to a movie about Andy Warhol and the Pop Art movement. 

Artsonia Art Gallery - Pop Art
Then they used the pop art effect in the Pixlr app to turn their artwork into an Andy Warhol inspired pop art piece.

Andy Warhol Marilyn in Legos
We then used our legos to recreate one of Andy Warhol’s most famous subjects, Marilyn Monroe.

Just for Grade 5

Artsonia Art Gallery - Cityscape Drawing in Perspective
5th graders learned how to use the principles of one-point perspective as they drew these cityscapes.  See my blog post to learn more:

Artsonia Art Gallery - Light Up Cityscapes
As an extra bonus, 5th graders used UV paint and black light flashlights to light up their cityscape drawings. We capture the effect in these videos.

Artsonia Art Gallery - Cityscape Colored with Colorscape
2 classes had a chance to use the Colorscape App to add color to their cityscapes:

Artsonia Art Gallery - Transforming for Flying
5th Graders are transforming themselves digitally so they can fly over their cityscape like the little girl in the story of Tar Beach by Faith Ringgold. Learn more here:

Artsonia Art Gallery - Flying over the City
5th Graders fly over their cityscape like the little girl in the story of Tar Beach by Faith Ringgold.
Learn more here:

See them fly with their classmates in these class movies

Artsonia Art Gallery - Time lapse Drawing
One class had a chance to explore this fun technique that captures the creation process.
5th Grade Time Lapse Drawing

Dryden held our first ever #SeniorWalk 2019 to celebrate the former dolphins that are graduating from high school this year. I hope I see all our 5th-grade dolphins walking our hallways again in 7 years. Please stop by the art room and tell me how things are going!
Artsonia is the largest student art museum in the world! Our dream is that every young artist will have an online art gallery, preserving their masterpieces in a digital portfolio!