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by Barbara Weinstein (Washington, NJ) for Early Childhood (Pk-2) Power Planner! ?
Students will explore an unique painting method and collage to create ...
by Kathryn Young (Marshfield, MA) for Elementary (3-5)
Students use line to create different visual textures and values.
by Joni Siler (Bronson, MI) for Elementary (3-5)
Students will create a ceramic candle using a template designed specif...
by Patricia Manning (Strathmore, CA) for Early Childhood (Pk-2)
I saw this on pintrest. Students will make ducks in a pond by using ...
by Kristi Mears (Friendship, WI) for Elementary (3-5) Power Planner! ?
Students used coordinates of longitude and lattitude using google maps...
by Susan Legere (Stratham, NH) for Middle School (6-8)
Students will be able to design, draw or trace an image that will be u...
by Vicki Stanton (Grove City, PA) for Elementary (3-5)
TSW create a portrait of themselves as Mona Lisa's distant relative. ...
by Patricia Manning (Strathmore, CA) for Early Childhood (Pk-2)
Students will be able to draw a balde eagle by following teacher direc...
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