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Our Blue Dogs

Our Blue Dogs
Inspired by the artwork of Louisiana Artist, George Rodrigue
posted 11/17/2010

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Other videos posted to this school ...
First graders became their own lima bean monster to share a message about healthy eating.
posted 12/14/2013
no additional video description
posted 8/10/2013
May 1st was the opening reception for the Arlington Heights Memorial Library School District 25 Art Show. Dryden artists and their families mingled with student artists from across the district to celebrate the beautiful art.
posted 5/2/2013
See images from the four wonderful events showcasing the talents of our Dryden Artists during the month of March, Youth Art Month.
posted 3/17/2013
Using iPads in the art room opens up opportunities for exploration beyond what I was able to teach before. Take a quick look at the things we are learning. I have a feeling this is just the beginning of something big. Explore more ideas for creating on iPads from my website:
posted 1/5/2013
Dryden Students made digital snowflakes using the iPhone app, MY FLAKE. Then they printed and shared their snowflakes with students far away to show they care.
posted 12/19/2012
Congratulations to Kenzie!
posted 11/4/2012
This video celebrates my students' enthusiasm for learning, beautiful art-making, overwhelming creativity, and amazing accomplishments.
posted 4/3/2012
Dryden art on display at the annual Cultural Art Fair. Over thirty-seven students were honored by having their art chosen for this show. Take a look at the wonderful art and many of their makers.
posted 3/14/2012
4th graders from Dryden had an amazing trip to the Art Institute of Chicago. This was probably the best trip ever!
posted 2/28/2012
Our 4th graders are preparing for their field trip to the Art Institute of Chicago next week. Take a look at one of the fun games we played to help students look, ask questions, and become familiar with the pieces they will see on this trip. We call it Spect-ART-acles and the best part is you get to wear some stylish glasses!
posted 2/24/2012
Created on the iPad by first graders. Students had to go through a series of steps to locate the heart template, download it to the iPad from my website, import it as a layer into the brushes app, select the layer beneath to paint on with a resized brush, and their own color choice. Students had to learn the digital tools for trouble shooting (undo, eraser, eye dropper, and some discovered a way to use the paint bucket to quickly fill). Students were to paint the negative space of one side and the positive space of the other, create a digital tint of their color by sliding the selector closer to white, and paint the remaining spaces. Then, they emailed their artwork to me when it was complete. As a special Valentine's gift, I ran their digital artwork through the Wordfoto app which magically transformed their work into a Valentine.
posted 2/9/2012
My art students had a visit today (on Bubble Gum Day) from the author of Lester Fizz, Bubble Gum Artist, Ruth Spiro. She talked about the process of writing a book, working with an illustrator, and answered all our questions about Lester Fizz. Many students ordered the book signed by the Ruth! We all received bubble gum scented bookmarks and lots of inspiration!
posted 2/3/2012
Students used color, shape, and line patterns to make these beautiful mittens. Some students even had their first bit of success in tying a bow!
posted 2/1/2012
This song is so catchy that my 1st graders can't stop singing about color, line, and shape pattern! They ask me to REPEAT our song! Watch the fugleflick video REPEAT here:
posted 1/24/2012
Students watched a brainpop video about the science behind snowflakes. Then they went to the Make-a-Flake website and created a digital one.
posted 12/15/2011
Third graders painted an up close and cropped portrait of Santa much like Andy Warhol's Santa image. Then they used the ipods to photograph and apply a customized effect using the Percolator App.
posted 12/13/2011
Congratulations to Dryden Student, Kristelle (former fifth grader) who had art chosen from over 600 entries in the Illinois Art Education Student Art Show. The show of 40 selected student pieces will travel the state all year long.
posted 11/13/2011
My fourth grade students use their iPads and imaginations to make a digital spoof with a healthy twist of Rene Magritte's Son of Man painting.
posted 11/8/2011
no additional video description
posted 10/24/2011
First graders were inspired by the book Lima Bean Monsters by Dan Yaccarino to make vegetable loving creatures. Then they posted with monster hands and their favorite vegetable to help promote healthy eating! The song, Veggie Fever, is from Fizzy's Lunch Lab.
posted 10/7/2011
I checked out the class set of iPads for a week of exploration and digital art making. Look at all the fun we had with this transformative tool.
posted 10/5/2011
The school year was full of amazing accomplishments for my Dryden Artists including: a IAEA student art show winner (one of only 40 in the state) art chosen for the IAEA Youth Art Month Poster (1 of about a dozen pieces chosen in state) We painted on iPads Explored art with interactive technology Created digital portfolios Won an Artsonia Leadership award and artist of the week 10 students' art shown on a 30 foot screen in NYC Students made origami cranes to raise money for rebuilding Japan Dryden's art program and images featured in a textbook The Glue Blues video screened at the Chicago Int'l Children's Film Fest I AM ART won a Shortie Award Let's Be Green was a finalist in the National Geographic Contest And we put together the most beautiful tile wall of student art (past and present) to commemorate 20 years of art ed at Dryden. Learn about all these things and my BIG NEWs on the Fugleblog:
posted 9/1/2011
1992-2012 marks 20 years of Art Education in AHSD25. This commemorative tile wall features art from Dryden Artists present and past celebrating our art history. The wall includes 320 purchased tiles and 192 gifted tiles from Artsonia, the host of our online digital art gallery. The artwork on these gifted tiles were selected from my digital archives so past students may be pleasantly surprised to see how they've created art that will go down in history. The wall also features two tiles from Dryden's art teachers, Mrs. Musolf (not retired) and Mrs. Fuglestad. A memorial tile for Jack Gavin was donated by three families and is placed in the top left corner.
posted 8/23/2011
For 2 1/2hrs a day for four day a group of 4th-6th graders wowed me with their amazing artwork on iPads. They were so smart about navigating the ipads, understanding the apps, and fearlessly creating art in a way they never tried before. They used layers, transparency, zoomed in/out, tried brush sizes and styles and then ran their final work through some photo apps for even more fun. What i heard the most is that they want to do this all the time. Three of the 10 students went home and emailed me more work from their own devices made on their own time. Not only were they able to understand the concepts in class, they applied them willingly at home. What an energizing and fun class to teach!
posted 6/19/2011
I wanted to do so much but only had one 45 minute session with each class so I made the best of it. Take a look at some of the ideas we tried. The kids were completely engaged and we learned so much! See my blog post about the week here:
posted 6/3/2011
10 Dryden Artists had pieces shown in the Big Screen Project in NYC with the help of Artsonia this May. Some art teacher friends were able to snap these pictures and footage to help us see how wonderful this event was. (Thank you)
posted 5/14/2011
The fourth grade class had a wonderful trip to the Art Institute of Chicago. Take a look at their adventure.
posted 5/3/2011
Over 30 Dryden artists were celebrated at the District's Cultural Arts Fair at Thomas Middle School, Arlington Heights, Il.
posted 4/7/2011
Students stayed after school to try their hands a digital finger painting on the iPads using Brushes. It was so fun. We wish we could do this all the time!
posted 3/31/2011
Fifth graders use green screen and graphic design tools to create images that are hard to believe.
posted 3/20/2011
Dryden's Third Graders wish you a happy Read Across America Day as they settle in with their favorite Dr. Seuss book.
posted 2/16/2011
Students explored positive space, negative space, tints, line pattern, and printing as they created these beautiful monochromatic hearts...just in time for Valentine's Day!
posted 2/9/2011
First graders painted the pigeon from Mo Willems' book, Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus. Then they used the photograph/illustration concept found in Knufflebunny to visually communicate what the Pigeon shouldn't do in the art room.
posted 1/7/2011
We need your masterpiece to complete the Dryden Art History Tile Wall, a permanent exhibit on the walls of Dryden made with ceramic tiles of printed student artwork from Dryden's Art students past and present. Order yours now!
posted 12/24/2010
Aleksandra's 1st grade Picasso Portrait was one of only 40 chosen from over 600 pieces submitted statewide for the Illinois Art Education Association Student Art Show. Her piece will travel the state all year long. She was honored at an awards ceremony during the IAEA conference. Watch this video to see:)
posted 11/9/2010
Take a look at all the wonderful things we explored in Dryden's Art Program during the 2009-2010 school year!
posted 8/20/2010
Take a peek at the exciting interactive way we learn in Dryden's Art room!
posted 8/11/2010