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Artwork Exhibits - this school year (since July 2014)
Painting Murals (7 artworks)
Jul 2014, taught by Irene Mayson
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SCRATCH BOARD (7 artworks)
Jul 2014, taught by Irene Mayson
Scratchboard, also known as scraperboard, is a black-and-white drawing medium. The board itself is a cardboard or panel ...
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Mosaic Making (5 artworks)
Jul 2014, taught by Irene Mayson
Our mosaic is made by using the direct method. We used ceramic and glass tiles or tesserae, adhesive, base, grout, mosai ...
Artwork Exhibits - last school year (July 2013 - June 2014)
Jun 2014, taught by Irene Mayson
Line drawings or line art is an image that consist of distinct straight and curved lines placed against a (usually plain ...
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Ceramics Beads (23 artworks)
Jun 2014, taught by Irene Mayson
Artifacts made of ceramic clay and created in the classroom.
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Jun 2014, taught by Irene Mayson
no description provided
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ART FOR MANY (141 artworks)
May 2014, taught by Irene Mayson
Annuel All School Art Exhibition at the Board of Education. A collection of our best creations by 8th and 9th grade stud ...
May 2014, taught by Irene Mayson
Drawing the human face from observation.
no artist statements
May 2014, taught by Irene Mayson
Learning ceramic techniques: slab, mold making, coil pots, sculpture.
Timothy's Portfolio 2 (60 artworks)
Sep 2013, taught by Irene Mayson
no description provided
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  2013-2014 Comments Award
Ranked #4 in New Jersey (#84 in the nation) for comments posted among all schools
  2013-2014 Comments Award
Ranked #3 in New Jersey (#19 in the nation) for comments posted among middle schools
  2013-2014 Statements Award
Ranked #9 in New Jersey (#149 in the nation) for artist statements collected among middle schools
  2013-2014 Leadership Award
Ranked #8 in New Jersey (#37 in the nation) for overall participation among high schools
  2013-2014 Art Publishing Award
Ranked #8 in New Jersey (#65 in the nation) for art published among high schools
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awarded on 7/31/2014
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Recent visitor comments ...
When I started with this Art Club project I thought we would never finish but working on it any chance we could, even Saturdays, made it materialize very quickly. We only had to change a few areas. The mirrors are the most innovative sections. I like how it looks on camera. -- Barbara
left for ARTCLUB334
I enjoyed gluing the tiles to the design. I had no idea it would look like this. I also know that we will grout it and it will change its tone or shade. -- Erline
left for ARTCLUB334
Seeing the details or the small parts of a mosaic is very important. We had a lot of fine matching or skilled work to do and we almost finished the job. The next step is outlining some parts and the grouting around the tile. It will be interesting to see what the next club will do, Art Club 14-15. I can' wait. -- Brenelle
left for ARTCLUB334
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Recent artist statements ...
An ancient form of decorative art using small pieces of glass, , tile or pebbles pressed in grout or other grounds. We used plywood and honored a former student's painting.
written by ARTCLUB334
I worked on this beause I am good at simple math. I use the grid drawing method and an art projector. Then we used a paint brush and black acrylic paint after after leaning the wall with a T.S.P. Cleaner (trisodium phosphate), to ensure a clean surface as a good foundation. Next was an acrylic primer from a home improvement store. This was to insure the paint would stick for many years.. My teacher said we will do one mural on pre-primed unstreatched canvas. Brennelle
written by ARTCLUB334
Mixing the colors this is an eye opening experience. I am so used too mixing color if I don't like that it was difficult to leave it. I had to wait until the board was covered to see where I was going. It was an eye operner. I think I like the technique of mosaic making.
written by ARTCLUB334
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