Dryden Elementary
Arlington Heights, Illinois
Thanks for making our Dryden online digital art gallery a place where students can watch their abilities grow as they grow in self-esteem. Your participation makes all the difference from joining fan clubs, sending comments, and purchasing cool products that feature their artwork to those discussions at home about the wonderful things that they're exploring in art class. Our kids are loving it! Teach your children how to write a compliment to a fellow artist/classmate and explore artwork from all over the world. Help your student reflect on their artwork by encouraging them to write an artist statement for their published art.
Visit our school website and the Fugleblog to stay up to date with all the wonderful things happening in Dryden's Art Program!
Let's make it our goal to get every student in the Hall of Fame this year!
Thanks again for your support.
Email me with questions: tricia_fuglestad@yahoo.com
Mrs. Tricia Fuglestad
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Artwork Projects - last school year (July 2014 - June 2015)
Sep 2014, taught by Tricia Fuglestad
Welcome to the 2014-2015 IAEA Student Show Gallery!
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Artwork Projects - 2 years ago (July 2013 - June 2014)
Monochromatic Triptychs (82 artworks)
May 2014, taught by Tricia Fuglestad
These colorful collages were made from their monochromatic paintings using two apps: http://drydenart.weebly.com/fuglebl ...
Percolated Still Life (67 artworks)
May 2014, taught by Tricia Fuglestad
Kindergarteners used the iPad app Percolator to abstract their artwork.
May 2014, taught by Tricia Fuglestad
Students drew a still life of flowers in a vase with overlapping, shape, and color pattern. They used a crayon-resist te ...
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Abstracted Trees (61 artworks)
May 2014, taught by Tricia Fuglestad
Students used the percolator app to abstract their tree silhouettes.
Tree Silhouettes (59 artworks)
May 2014, taught by Tricia Fuglestad
Second graders drew trees inspired from the book, The Giving Tree. See a group of them singing as they draw, tracing v's ...
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Anti-Litterbugs (82 artworks)
May 2014, taught by Tricia Fuglestad
Third graders combined their insect drawing with their landscape to give us a glimpse of how the Anti-Litterbug flies ov ...
Penguins (74 artworks)
May 2014, taught by Tricia Fuglestad
First graders used their art and math skills as they divided one lump of clay over and over again to make these adorable ...
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Pop Art Illustrations (93 artworks)
May 2014, taught by Tricia Fuglestad
Students used the pop art app in Crazy Photo Booth to turn their artwork into an Andy Warhol inspired pop art piece.
May 2014, taught by Tricia Fuglestad
4th graders used their observational drawing skills to create these funny little drawings.
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School Awards & Honors
  2013-2014 Leadership Award
Ranked #1 in Illinois (#8 in the nation) for overall participation among all schools
  2013-2014 Art Publishing Award
Ranked #5 in Illinois (#126 in the nation) for art published among all schools
  2013-2014 Fan Clubs Award
Ranked #1 in Illinois (#2 in the nation) for fan club signups among all schools
  2013-2014 Comments Award
Ranked #1 in Illinois (#5 in the nation) for comments posted among all schools
  2013-2014 Statements Award
Ranked #2 in Illinois (#12 in the nation) for artist statements collected among all schools
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