Georgetown Elementary School
Hudsonville, Michigan
The Georgetown Elementary Art Department is pleased to provide a K-5 online art portfolio for each student! All published artwork will remain online until the student graduates or leaves Georgetown Elementary. Funds generated through your Artsonia purchases will go directly back to Georgetown Elementary and will help purchase supplies for our Art Room. Our students pride themselves in always doing their best on every piece of artwork! You can see more artwork from our artists on our Georgetown Blog:

Thank you for your support of the arts!
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Artwork Projects - last school year (July 2014 - June 2015)
1st Grade Fall Trees (86 artworks)
Sep 2014, taught by Josey Brouwer, Heather Persch
First Grade artists explored the art element of LINE as they created these sweet fall trees. Their hands were traced to ...
no artist statements
1st grade heart owls (22 artworks)
Feb 2015, taught by Heather Persch
First graders in Mrs. Woodring's class created a background using red mixed with black and white to create tints and sha ...
no artist statements
Oct 2014, taught by Heather Persch
1st graders learned about he American artist, James Rizzi. They created their own buildings in the Rizzi style and paint ...
no artist statements
Mar 2015, taught by Heather Persch
First graders learned about the artist Laurel Burch. They drew cats in her style and colored them with markers in bright ...
no artist statements
Mar 2015, taught by Heather Persch, Josey Brouwer
First grade artists "painted like Monet" to create these beautiful seascapes with sailboats.
no artist statements
Jan 2015, taught by Josey Brouwer, Heather Persch
First Grade artists viewed the cubist art of Pablo Picasso. They learned that when Picasso was sad, he painted pictures ...
no artist statements
May 2015, taught by Josey Brouwer & Heather Persch
First grade artists created these adorable self-portraits by carefully examining their faces in a mirror. They used wat ...
no artist statements
Feb 2015, taught by Heather Persch
Mrs. Woodring's students drew geometric trees and traced overlapping circles onto them. They then chose warm or cool col ...
no artist statements
Nov 2014, taught by Josey Brouwer and Heather Persch
First grade artists read "Snowballs" by Lois Ehlert and created these beautiful winter landscapes. They learned how to ...
no artist statements
Mar 2015, taught by Josey Brouwer, Heather Persch
Georgetown second grade artists created clay fish and used pasta to add interesting texture. They created a background ...
no artist statements
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