Jackson Via Elementary School
Charlottesville, Virginia
Welcome to our Art Studio on Artsonia. Jackson-Via Jackrabbits work very hard. All students in our school from Kindergarten through 4th grade come to art once a week for 45 minutes. We have made our school a huge gallery with artwork mounted outside our building, inside our building, on all the walls, windows, on the ceiling, down the stairs and even out the front door and around the corners of the building. Thank you for visiting and supporting the arts. The money generated through Artsonia will help purchase art supplies for the school so we can be even more creative!
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Artwork Exhibits - this school year (since July 2014)
Self Portraits (43 artworks)
Nov 2014, taught by Eileen Butler
In our study of people and self, students explore the shapes and compare size of features by touch and sight. We use ple ...
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Non-Exhibit Artwork (36 artworks)
Nov 2014
Artwork Exhibits - last school year (July 2013 - June 2014)
Add-Ons (23 artworks)
May 2014, taught by Eileen Butler
As a warm up, sometimes we take out our fine pens and try to invent or copy a new pattern or design to open our art brai ...
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"AFRICAN ANIMAL ABC" (46 artworks)
May 2014, taught by Eileen Butler
A great book by Phillippa-Alys Browne takes us out of our world of recognized animals into the habitats of Zimbabwe to s ...
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so, SEW! (15 artworks)
May 2014, taught by Eileen Butler
WOW! What fun it is to master a skill that you thought was too hard, thrilling! Beginning sewers use large needles and y ...
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Mar 2014, taught by Eileen Butler
We hope you "Ooh!" and "Ah!" over our value studies with acrylic paint. We decided to use O'Keeffe's flowing flowers to ...
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Eastern Views (113 artworks)
Oct 2013, taught by Eileen Butler
Our school is so fortunate to have so much beautiful outdoor space. The students looked east as the sun was low in winte ...
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We Love Eric Carle (105 artworks)
Oct 2013, taught by Eileen Butler
and Picasso's Collages and Romare Bearden, and Ashley Bryan and Henri Matisse and so many other artists who use collage ...
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Kandinsky (32 artworks)
Oct 2013, taught by Eileen Butler
Wassily Kandinsky was the first abstract artist to be able to simplify art to it's basic elements. Line, shape and colo ...
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Jan 2014, taught by Eileen Butler
Our city is very historic. It's full of Thomas Jefferson's designs. A good way for students to become involved in study ...
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School Awards & Honors
  2004-2005 Leadership Award
Ranked #10 in Virginia (#358 in the nation) for overall participation among elementary schools
  2004-2005 Art Publishing Award
Ranked #10 in Virginia (#420 in the nation) for art published among elementary schools
  2004-2005 Fan Clubs Award
Ranked #9 in Virginia (#343 in the nation) for fan club signups among elementary schools
  2004-2005 Comments Award
Ranked #7 in Virginia (#314 in the nation) for comments posted among elementary schools
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Emma: I love the details, creativity and all the bright colors you used in your picture. I am going to order a card with your picture on it. -- Vicky
left for Emma18523
Emma, We liked both of your pictures. You did a great job & can't wait to see more. -- Grandma
left for Emma18523
Wow, Emma! I love the color in your artwork! I think your picture shows a lot of joy and happiness. I love the people and the other characters. -- Granddad
left for Emma18523
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