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New Jersey Schools: Top Leadership Rankings for this school year
Top schools in overall website activity, including artwork, comments, fan clubs, and fundraising.
Wanaque Elementary School
Wanaque, NJ
Mount Prospect School
Basking Ridge, NJ
Hooper Ave Elementary School
Toms River, NJ
Emma Havens Young Elementary School
Brick, NJ
West Freehold Elementary
Freehold, NJ
Joseph J Catena School
Freehold, NJ
F A Desmares Elementary School
Flemington, NJ
Fountain Woods Elementary School
Burlington, NJ
Ocean Township Elementary School
Oakhurst, NJ
Newell Elementary School
Allentown, NJ
Public School #5
Paterson, NJ
Purnell School
Pottersville, NJ
Princeton, NJ
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School Type
Rank Category
Country (or State)
School Year
How rankings are calculated:
Artwork rank is based on the total number of artwork submitted and published during the school year.
FanClubs rank is based on the total number of unique, verified fans within the school. A fanclub member is only active if the artist has submitted at least one piece of artwork during the school year.
Comments rank is based on the number of comments submitted during the school year. The comments do not have to be for the current year's artwork.
Artist Statements rank is based on the total number of artwork submitted and published during the school year which have completed artist statements.
Overall rank is based on the average ranking of the above five categories. You can increase your overall ranking by improving in each of the individual categories.
All rankings are based on participation within the Artsonia school year which runs from July 1 through June 30.