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I love this. You're already a better artist than me :) I can't wait to see more art work. I love you! Mom
artwork by Kellen506
Dear Brody, I like pumpkins. And this is the best Pumpkin I have ever seen! It is awesome. And also I always see this on the pumpkin. Black pumpkin and the background. and on the right side, the pumpkin is orange and the background is black! love Emmett.
artwork by Brody710
Dear Emmett, Reese: I really like your picture. When did you make it? Emmett:In kindergarten, 2014- 2015! you can see it. Reese:Where did you make it? Emmett: well of course! MONROE SCHOOL!!!!!!!! Reese: What is it? Emmett: A picture of me.
artwork by Emmett284
Dear Brody Hot cocoa is the best! its hot, you could put whip cream, sprinkles, and marshmallows in it. But I kind of like Fizzy. Love Reese.
artwork by Brody710